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Google automatically analyzes the content of your website to determine what your web pages are about so that relevant results can be displayed. You will get a lot more traffic via Google searches if your web design is optimized and helps Google determine what your content is about.

First of all, Google cannot analyze any Flash or Java content. If you want an interactive website, you cannot expect your content to be analyzed and ranked in Google search results. Sticking to HTML is the best way to get your website to rank higher in search results since search engines will be able to analyze what your content is about.

Website Optimization

Use title tags to create a header with titles for your content or to present your business. Do not use an image with text on it as a header since search engines will not be able to analyze the words on this image and might have a hard time determining what your page is about. If you want to use images, videos or content in a language other than HTML, use alt tags to describe this content. Since search engines cannot analyze content that is not text-based, these tags will help them determine the meaning of your content. Choose your alt tags carefully and do not hesitate to add some text to describe an image or a video.

Your design needs to include a site map, and every page should be accessible from static links. Update the structure of your site, so that important pages are linked to and don’t forget to update your sitemap as you add more content to your website. Do not use doorway pages or sneaky redirects when creating links. Users should be able to tell where a link will take them before they click on it.

You should look at the Webmaster Guidelines published by Google. This document goes over common mistakes and misconceptions and explains how you can create a website that will be noticed and indexed by Google. Opting for a simple but efficient web design is a great way to make your content stand out and to provide your visitors with a great experience. Remember that Google looks for high-quality content and for sites that provide visitors with a good experience rather than a complex design. You should consider getting help from a professional website designer like Rochester SEO if you are not sure how to create a Google-friendly web design.

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