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It’s a little secret that many local SEO services do not like to talk about to their customers. These companies fail to address how absolutely powerful video marketing has become and why devising a powerful YouTube marketing strategy can be very productive and almost as important as having a sound Google strategy.

Video Marketing Strategy

To begin with, it is not a secret that customers like videos over written content. Videos have become more accessible since more people have faster internet installed in their homes and on their phones, therefore making downloads and playback faster.

Videos are the best marketing tool for local businesses since they offers the opportunity to get to know your customers and help them know your business and help them feel comfortable with you. Incorporating video marketing with email marketing helps to increase customer interaction. To launch a successful video marketing campaign, here are some of the aspects to consider when coming up with an advertising video for your local business:

  • Keep it short, the best video length should be approximately 30 seconds. When making n advert or branding video, simply say what you want to say and leave the rest for the follow-up videos.


  • Combine your video with still images. Adding still images of your products or anything that you believe will interest your audience into your video will add a different perspective to your ad.


  • Include a personal message. This could be a testimonial or recommendation from one of your customers. It could also be the business owner speaking about why the product or service is important and how it can help someone solve a problem.


  • Make sure that you give your video a call of action. Ensure that you clarify what the viewer is required to do after watching the video. Maybe add a special offer or a coupon.


  • Ensure that your client knows how to find you. Include your phone number, address, website or an email. You can also include a map that indicates your location.

By taking advantage of video, your business can get an advantage on your competition and gain valuable market share.

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